Wolf and Gabriele of Green Croft Gardens invite you to 
join their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) 
                    Vegetable Harvest Box program.


By becoming a member in our CSA, you support a local farm through an upfront monetary investment.                                                    

This assures us, the farmers, a guaranteed beginning-of-season income and enables us to provide you with weekly, organic, seasonal, healthy vegetables and fruits from June to October.

Our organic farm is certified by Pro-Cert Organic (Grower number PC 782). We are cultivating organic vegetables for over 28 years on our 20 acre farm by the Shuswap River in Grindrod. 

Our goal is to supply a healthy choice of vegetables and fruits, practice sustainable farming, educate in and encourage earth and animal friendly methods  of production.

Our CSA offers a healthy choice for todays busy life style. We are a family oriented farm and only a 15 minute drive away from Enderby.

When does the weekly harvest box program start and end? 

Our weekly harvest boxes run for 20 weeks, 

from June until October. 

Our winter CSA Starts November to March, 

CSA Order Form & Info 

How much does a CSA membership cost?

  1. Regular Harvest Box: This share will be best suited for a healthy eating couple or family. You will receive 8 to 12 varieties each week.            

         Price is $24/week x 20 weeks = $480

  1. Small Harvest Box: This share is ideal for individuals or for small households that are learning to love their veggies or supplementing their own garden!  Shares are 6-10 different items depending on the season.  

         Price is $14/week x 20 weeks = $280

I can't afford to pay $480 (or $280) up front, what can I do? 

We want to feed you and we'll figure out a payment plan that works for you. Please be in touch by phone or email greencroftgardens@mybcdc.ca. Please call us with any questions at 250-306-6582.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. 

This is a subscription style model of buying fresh seasonal produce while making a direct connection with the farm that grows it.  

It also reduces waste, as all produce is delivered in a food-grade box rather than being individually packaged.   

CSA members sign up in advance, and in return they receive weekly boxes of fresh seasonal produce. 

As a member you are:

  • Supporting your local small farmer
  • You are helping your farmer to have funds for start up costs when there is not much income in the spring
  • Saving money on produce compared to grocery store prices
  • Establishing a strong relationship with how your food is grown
  • Minimizing  your carbon footprint by eating local
  • Supporting sustainable agricultural practices (the farm is certified Pro-Cert Organic)
  • Discovering delicious new vegetables

What to Expect as a Member

In addition to your boxes of freshly harvested produce, you’ll receive:

  • A personalized scarred pumpkin in the fall
  • Monthly newsletter about whats happening on the farm, recipes and more.
  • 10% discount at our Farmer’s Market stand
  • FREE U-Pick flowers and herbs on farm pick-up day

New this season:

  • One day a week farm Pick up but longer time frame - Tuesdays from 3 pm - 7 pm

  • 24/7 open farm policy, come to the farm any time you like to visit the gardens and fields, see the farm animals, take a self guided farm tour.


  • Salmon Arm drop off fee - add $20 per seasons share

  • Sign up after April 1 - add $ 45 per seasons share

How do I purchase a CSA membership?                         

We have two options available for you to buy a CSA Harvest Box Share:

1. Mail in submission form with payment by cheque. 

Cheques should be made payable to

Green Croft Gardens and mailed to Box 248 Grindrod, BC, V0E 1Y0 or 

dropped of at the Farm at 42 Meadowview Road in Grindrod.

2. Follow this link

Pay online at              www.soilmate.com/farms/green-croft-gardens

What can I expect in my CSA Harvest Box?                        

The quantity and selection of produce will change as the season progresses. Our goal is to feed you and your family and we leave a lot of flexibility in our program for you to take what you feel you will use. When you choose to pick up your harvest box at the farm you will be able to customize your box from the selection we offer or take home a pre-packed box. You can expect 6 -12 different vegetables every week, depending on which size box you choose. Early in the season the money value of the Harvest Box will be lower and by the end of the season it will be higher. 

How do I receive my CSA Harvest Box?

At the Farm 

Tuesdays 3pm - 7pm

Get the best deal! Choose your veggies!       

When you pick up your share, you’ll find boxes of organic vegetables fresh from the field. You take what you need for the upcoming week, if you don’t like kale, don’t take kale. 

Want extra spinach or tomatoes instead, no problem. Grab scissors, pick your own flowers and herbs. 

At the Farmers Market in Enderby                                      

Friday from 8am - 12noon                                                    

Pick up your pre-packed box. You have to take what you get, but CSA members get 10% off on extra produce they buy at the market.                                                                          

Drop-off spot in Enderby -  at 110 Crescent Drive

Friday from 2pm - 6pm

pick up your pre-packed Harvest Box.            

Drop-off spot in Salmon Arm at Marionette Winery

Friday from 3 - 6 pm 

pick up your pre-packed Harvest Box.

At the Kelowna Farmers Market 

Wednesday from 8 am - 1pm

Pick up your pre-packed box. You have to take what you get, but CSA members get 10% off on extra produce they buy at the market.


How do the pick your own flowers and herbs work?    

There are scissors provided along with garden maps. CSA families are encouraged to spend time in the gardens and help themselves. PYO flowers and herbs are a bonus when you come to the farm to pick up.   


Is there an option to have my Harvest Box picked up after the normal pick up hours?                                                

Yes! We can have your Harvest Box with your name on it in the cooler at the farm (just tell us in advance and it will be waiting there for you). 

What happens if I forget to pick up my Harvest Box? 

It may be your donation to the local food bank or soup kitchen.

Can I pick up the box on any pick up day of the week?    

We prefer if you commit to a day of the week to pick up your harvest box but if you miss Tuesday you can still pick up on Friday in Enderby at the market or at the drop off spot. You have 3 options a week!

Does being part of the CSA entail doing farm work?      

You don't have to do anything except enjoy the food, but we certainly welcome your involvement (and we can let you know when we need some help). This year we'll also offer Workshops at the farm throughout the season. 

How does the u-pick work?                                                 

Our u-pick berries and vegetables are open for the public at certain times when crops are ready for picking. You make arrangements with us to come picking, pick your own and get all weight and priced at the packing shed. 

U-pick prices are economical, cheaper and the freshest you can get your produce. 

As a CSA member you can pick all summer long.

I have my own garden and I have plenty of tomatoes, why would I join the CSA?                                                                  

With our plan, you choose your veggies when you pick up at the farm.        So you can take what you might not grow at home.

What if it is a bad year for crops?                                      

You are buying into a share of the season and so you are assuming some of that risk, however, a bad year for potatoes might be a good year for tomatoes. We can assure you you'll get your money's worth.

I'm going away for 2 weeks, what happens to my share? 

Tell a friend to pick it up, they'll thank you for it or arrange for an extra box the next time you pick up.

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