Organic Gardens Sowing Seeds of Freedom

We dream of a new century which heralds our unfolding consciousness as the seed itself : the unique expression of the creative potential in its most potent form, unravelling its tenderness, its vulnerability. We yearn for the return of awe and honor for life in its diverse manifestations, the scope of which our memories can barely outline from times beforehand. We demand that seeds remain their true selves : free to be passed from earth-stained hand to hand, over time and all illusions of borders; with no masters, only stewards. We are comforted that others share this dream and are committed to its realization. So be it . . .
~Donna Kuprowski

Nature is abundant
10 beans planted in the ground in one growing season will produce 1 sandwich bag full of beans. When planted the next spring, this same bag of seed will produce up to a 3 gallon ice cream pail full of seed. This is enough for family food, or enough for a farmers field!!!!! (from 10 seeds in only 2 years!)

Seed saving is for everyone
  • Even a small city garden spot can produce seed
  • Get open pollinated seeds
  • To start seed saving choose easy to save annual plants like beans, peas, tomatoes, dill
  • You can get more seed saving information at a seed swaps or at the library
  • Plant the seeds and let the plants and fruits mature
  • Do not use them for food
  • Harvest the mature fruit before the first frost and extract the seeds
    • Let the seeds dry thoroughly and store in a dry, dark and cool place till the next season

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