U-Pick Berries and Vegetables

Organic Gardens

U-Pick Berries and Vegetables

Our U-Pick berries and vegetables are open for the public.

You pick your own produce, get your harvest weight and priced at the packing shed.

U-Pick produce is economical and as fresh as it gets.

Season starts with peas in June and continues into the fall.
Depending on the season we will have peas, beans, fava beans, cucumbers, summer squash,
tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, black berries, currants, goose berries,
josta berries and flowers and herbs available for U-Pick.

Open June to October every Monday and Tuesday - Thursdays - 7 am to 11 am

Check our facebook page and website for updates or call or email for more info greencroftgardens@mybcdc.ca 250 306-6582

Rasberries @ $3.00 per pound
Beans @ $2.50 per pound
Tomatoes @ 0.75 per pound
Peppers @ $2.00 per pound